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Predicting the Top Scoring Teams 2018 *1/4 Way Update*

by Pat Booth | January 12, 2019, 11:53 AM ET

Before the season began we took a look at goal scoring in the SICHL and tried to predict the top scoring teams. Now that we are a quarter of the way through the season and the teams are on vacation how are those predictions holding up?

So far this season we have 2070 goals scored meaning we are on pace to score 6764 goals, up over 6% or 400 goals from last season! Now we have added another team since last season so goals would naturally be up but teams are averaging an on pace of 233 goals on the season so goals are still up nearly 200 even with that taken into account. We also have 4 teams that are on pace to get near the 300 goal mark which hasn’t been crossed since the 13/14 season.

Now onto what you’ve all been waiting for how the predictions are holding up.

Reykjavik Riders – 91 goals 3rd place

As predicted the Riders sheer quantity of scoring has powered them to the top 3 with 7 guys in the top 120 in scoring, but with all that depth spreading the ice-time around they have none inside the top 20

Acadia Golden Bears – 87 goals 6th place

The Bears are sitting just outside the top 5 despite having 3 of the top 10 scorers and 2 in the top 4. We attribute this to Brock Boeser still finding his way and Sean Couturier and Ryan O’Reilly missing some time. We still feel the Bears will get there in the end.

Vancouver Island Norsemen – 94 goals 4th place

The Norsemen feature two scorers in the top 5 but they aren’t the Norsemen’s top rated scorers Anders Lee and William "Other" Karlsson as we had predicted. Their struggles combined with an injury to Matthew Barzal have the Norsemen sitting just outside our prediction of the top 3 in G/GP

Havana Revolution – 71 goals 13th place

Havana has struggled to score goals this season. Connor McDavid, Tyler Seguin and Rickard Rakell all in the top 20 rated scorers, but you wouldn’t tell from their production. The Revolution are having much more success at keeping pucks out of their net with the league’s best goalie and lowest goals against. If Havana can figure out their Power-Play woes look out for them to come leaping up the rankings.

Kansas City Krunch – 71 goals 15th place

The Krunch are also struggling to score goals with just Ryan Nugent-Hopkins sitting in double digits with 11. The Krunch have taken the third most shots in the league and have a decent power-play so we’ll attribute the lack of scoring to bad luck and we think they’ll rise.

Nova Scotia Schooners – 103 goals 1st place

The Schooners are the first and so far only team to break 100 this year. Despite facing some serious injuries the Schooners have clearly been at the top of the offensive class and with a nearly 30% PP we don’t expect that to change.

Denver Rapids – 85 goals 5th place

The Rapids are riding Jeff Carter and Dustin Brown just as we expected what we didn’t see coming is the scoring prowess of Dylan Larkin who has 11 goals in 24 games after scoring just 10 all of last season.

St. Louis Spartans 99 goals 2nd place

We expected St. Louis to maybe break into the top 5 but we didn’t see second place overall coming. With 4 players in double digit scoring including the only D-man Pernell-Karl Subban they look to have the depth to stay in the hunt for the league’s most offensive team.

Whitehorse Huskies 79 goals 9th place

Whitehorse has had no trouble from their big boys producing with 3 guys in double digits for goals but they lack secondary scoring with Matthew Tkachuk and Brendan Gallagher struggling so far this season. With Drew Doughty coming back from injury the Huskies look to get a boost from the back-end and put them back in the hunt.

So there we have it. We got all of the top 6 so far on our list and it looks like our predictions are holding up pretty well. The teams who will be looking to wreck our predictions so far are the Stockholm Cougars with the 2nd and 5th rated top scorers and Ottawa Slammers with the leading scorer, normally pass happy Nicklas Backstrom sliding into places 7 and 8.

It remains to be seen which team will come out on top of the scoring race this year, but right now I think we are all winning we another year of increased goal production.


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