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Injury Bug (Injuraneous Bugulis)

by SICHL Costulator | February 1, 2018, 12:46 PM ET

Ahhh the 2017/18 what a glorious season, it started so elegantly with the SICHL SUMM17, two new GM's, and expansion on the horizon. Then slowly but surely this nuisance creeped into the season and began rotting it from the inside. No it's not termites we are speaking of, but another terrible bug, the injury bug. One by one teams have been taken down. And the bug does not discriminate; it takes down scoring superstars at the same rate it grabs hold of 4th liners.

It started off slowly grabbing 29 players in October for a total of 242 man games lost. Then in November another 75 fell victim losing 506 man games to injury. December continued on with 80 players affected to a tune of 563 man games lost. Then in January the injury bug went into full force taking down a whopping 122 players for a total of 859 man games lost to injury. Making the season total (so far) 306 players for 2170 games lost. Which for perspective mean 55% of players have been injured for at least 1 day this season and SICHL teams collectively have suffered enough injuries its as if 2 entire teams haven't played a single game this year!!!

I know every SICHL GM is convinced their team has it the worst but we broke down the numbers to figure out which GMs are really feeling the pain and which ones have no business complaining. Now these stats don't include the "star power" or quality of player lost, so that is something you can all debate in the comments below. But here is the injury stats for each team below.

  • Acadia Golden Bears: 6 injuries, 30 man games lost
  • Banff Rockies: 14 injuries, 91 man games lost
  • Boston Colonials: 16 injuries, 92 man games lost
  • Brandon Wheat Kings: 12 injuries, 112 man games lost
  • Brno Barons: 11 injuries, 52 man games lost
  • Calgary Mustangs: 6 injuries, 47 man games lost
  • Chicago Tigers: 12 injuries, 72 man games lost
  • Denver Rapids: 6 injuries, 57 man games lost
  • Dublin Shamrocks: 18 injuries, 111 man games lost
  • Edmonton Supersonics: 15 injuries, 118 man games lost
  • Fredericton Express: 11 injuries, 33 man games lost
  • Hamburg Gladiators: 22 injuries, 175 man games lost
  • Havana Revolution: 10 injuries, 60 man games lost
  • Kansas City Krunch: 13 injuries, 60 man games lost
  • Las Vegas Aces: 14 injuries, 124 man games lost
  • London Monarchs: 9 injuries, 121 man games lost
  • Montreal Millionaires: 8 injuries, 116 man games lost
  • Nova Scotia Schoooners: 11 injuries, 63 man games lost
  • Ottawa Slammers: 7 injuries, 34 man games lost
  • Philadelphia Fire Ants: 7 injuries, 28 man games lost
  • Quebec Canons: 14 injuries, 146 man games lost
  • Reykjavik Riders: 7 injuries, 63 man games lost
  • St Louis Spartans: 6 injuries, 17 man games lost
  • Stockholm Cougars: 13 injuries, 86 man games lost
  • Toronto Metropolitans: 11 injuries, 53 man games lost
  • Vancouver Island Norsemen: 9 injuries, 81 man games lost
  • Vancouver Vipers: 14 injuries, 79 man games lost
  • Whitehorse Huskies: 5 injuries, 22 man games lost

So the Hamburglers have the most whining to do missing 175 man games, with an honorable mention to the Canons, Aces and Monarchs. While the Spartans, Huskies and Golden Bears all lost under 30 man games and have nothing to complain about at all. The SICHL average is about 82 man games lost for those teams who are attempting to figure out where they sit against the league.

Note: man games lost was calculated based on a standard number of games played per week, so it is not an exact number. The injury numbers are for SICHL teams/players only, GHA is not included. 

With this information feel free to complain and discuss's hoping for healthier times ahead!


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