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2017-2018 Regular Season Team Stats

Reykjavik Riders47-30-522-16-125-14-46-4-03.272.9217.281.66.632.129.2
Kansas City Krunch43-31-824-11-319-20-53-6-13.323.1521.780.97.032.628.5

2017-2018 Regular Season Head-to-Head

DayAway TeamHome TeamResult
45 Reykjavik Riders Kansas City Krunch Reykjavik Riders 3, Kansas City Krunch 1
70 Kansas City Krunch Reykjavik Riders Kansas City Krunch 4, Reykjavik Riders 2
81 Kansas City Krunch Reykjavik Riders Reykjavik Riders 4, Kansas City Krunch 1

Player Statistics

Playoffs | Regular Season

Reykjavik Riders

Nick Bonino123912080010329.43
Keith Yandle1211011441000520.020
Oliver Ekman-Larsson1201111460000110.034
Alex Pietrangelo1229110610001513.38
Sean Monahan1264100730201931.62
Filip Forsberg1252710700103016.717
Anders Lee114374600102814.322
Jakub Voracek123474510102910.310
Cameron Atkinson125272201012321.72
Artemi Panarin123472-100002015.07
Kyle Palmieri125276300102321.719
* Brayden Point124262000021921.17
Jason Demers12055260000100.022
Andrei Markov70444-1000020.09
Justin Faulk703341000050.012
Max Pacioretty121237-40000234.313
Cody Goloubef51124-10000333.310
Derek Stepan120222-50000130.02
Matthew Stajan1201120000050.011
Jaden Schwartz11010100001100.01
Ryan Miller1001100000000.00
Steve Mason300000000000.00
Brian Dumoulin50000-1000000.03

Kansas City Krunch

Cam Fowler249122110060134719.112
Nick Leddy24314171712001437.044
Kevin Hayes2498174610104420.517
Radim Vrbata2051015822021529.614
Brayden Schenn24691521122001718.554
* Auston Matthews24211132-71010504.010
Vladimir Tarasenko2465110-43030698.75
Ryan Getzlaf24291132-40011434.745
Zack Smith2428101450010385.336
Alex Goligoski2035814010002213.629
Aaron Ekblad162684-210001513.325
Vladislav Namestnikov245270300213116.112
* Xavier Ouellet16145641000714.320
Ryan Murray242356300011612.519
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins123250200202213.62
Oliver Bjorkstrand20325050010339.15
Pierre-Edouard Bellemare243140-300112015.08
Tom Gilbert1403361000060.03
Lauri Korpikoski240220-30000170.03
Corey Crawford2401120000000.00
Niklas Kronwall60114-1000010.06
Matt Hendricks170004-5000090.015
Steve Ott300070000020.05

Goaltender Statistics

Reykjavik Riders

Ryan Miller105812.796211272680.899
Steve Mason31553.1011108610.869

Kansas City Krunch

Corey Crawford2414672.2516711556580.916


  • No image available!
    Bob Mayhugh - Riders in 5
  • Bryce Crittenden
    Bryce Crittenden - Riders in 7
  • No image available!
    Chris Baker - Krunch in 5
  • Corey Graham
    Corey Graham - Riders in 5
  • Don Morrison
    Don Morrison - Riders in 6
    These two teams also said it's time to spend big and it's time to win big. Kansas City crunch played spoiler and knocked out the Cubans m, while Riders made short work of Boston .Corey Crawford ex Huskies pick , will tilt series KC way.
  • Doug Karnes
    Doug Karnes - Krunch in 7
  • Dustin Nielson
    Dustin Nielson - Krunch in 6
    Coin Flip
  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider - Riders in 6
    I showed relatively little confidence in Sylvain's team last round, and I regret it. Seriously, I apologize. I'm sorry I doubted you, oh great and powerful Riders. So, do us all a favour, and knock out the one remaining previous champ so we can guarantee some new blood this year. Kirk, no offence, but you've won before! Sure, it's been a while, but give us bridesmaids a chance! RIDERS IN 6!
  • Gary Graves
    Gary Graves - Riders in 6
    I was scared of this team for a reason. Riders in the storm...
  • Guy Flaming
    Guy Flaming - Krunch in 7
    *flips coin... Krunch in 7.
  • Henry Skey
    Henry Skey - Krunch in 6
    Riders have the better lineup, but I remain on the Krunch bandwagon for quelling the Revolution!
  • Ian Constable
    Ian Constable - Riders in 7
    This team should of been higher up the standings all year. According to Chris Berman, "They could go... all... the... way!"
  • Kasim Husain
    Kasim Husain - Riders in 7
  • No image available!
    Kirk MacRae - Riders in 5
    The Riders have the most skilled set of forwards of any team and they decided to play to their potential in round 1. The Krunch played a tight defensive game to let them escape Round 1 but it will be much tougher this time around.
  • Mark MacRae
    Mark MacRae - Krunch in 6
  • Matt Burch
    Matt Burch - Riders in 6
    Kirk may well be the new sim whisperer after round 1's shocker, but I still can't go against the Scandinavian/Norse connection. Go Vikings! Errr I mean go Riders!
  • Matt MacInnis
    Matt MacInnis - Krunch in 6
    This is the most difficult series for me to predict, but I feel like Kirk will pull it off, and continue to amass his absurd Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins (but not Koins).
  • Michael Oram
    Michael Oram - Riders in 5
  • Mike Franceschini
    Mike Franceschini - Riders in 6
    I've been saying for years that Reykjavik is on the verge, and things are finally rounding into form. While the Krunch are finally out of their decade-long (self-imposed) funk, they're probably in year one of a competitive cycle, while the Riders are a year ahead of them.
  • Norm Donovan
    Norm Donovan - Riders in 7
    Another very close series in my opinion. I'm going to pick Reykjavik because it's so much fun to say. REYKJAVIK!
  • No image available!
    Pat Booth - Krunch in 6
    Maybe Kirks team has turned a corner
  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie - Riders in 5
    Panarin is on the fourth line and yet they still dominated the Colonials. Watch out for the Riders
  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher - Krunch in 7
    This has nothing to do with the prediction, but check out the Riders' rated forwards: they have 48 LW, 37 RW and 4 centers. That's wild, man. Also, I'm picking the Krunch. They got all their losing out of the way in the first half of the season..
  • Sheetal Khera
    Sheetal Khera - Riders in 6
    If Miller can out shine Crawford the Riders have this.
  • No image available!
    Sylvain Tremblay - Riders in 6
  • No image available!
    Tom Baker - Riders in 7
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