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2017-2018 Regular Season Team Stats

Boston Colonials49-23-1028-9-221-14-87-2-13.653.0315.977.76.534.327.9
Reykjavik Riders47-30-522-16-125-14-46-4-03.272.9217.281.66.632.129.2

2017-2018 Regular Season Head-to-Head

DayAway TeamHome TeamResult
126 Reykjavik Riders Boston Colonials Reykjavik Riders 7, Boston Colonials 3
127 Boston Colonials Reykjavik Riders Reykjavik Riders 3, Boston Colonials 0
131 Reykjavik Riders Boston Colonials Reykjavik Riders 4, Boston Colonials 3
139 Boston Colonials Reykjavik Riders Reykjavik Riders 4, Boston Colonials 2

Player Statistics

Playoffs | Regular Season

Boston Colonials

Ryan Kesler53364000102015.012
T.J. Brodie51450-41000520.05
David Pastrnak52350000001315.45
Nathan MacKinnon53140-820001225.02
Ben Lovejoy50334-2000040.02
Logan Couture51230000001010.01
David Perron51232-70000714.312
Jakob Silfverberg52130-400001315.42
David Savard502215-4000030.011
Alec Martinez50222-4000030.011
Mikko Koivu10110-2000000.00
Martin Jones501100000000.00
John Klingberg50112-6000080.00
Joshua Bailey51010-10000119.10
Jay Beagle51010-10000714.34
Matt Read50110-1000040.01
Zach Parise50000-1000080.05
Karl Alzner500020000050.05
Alexander Burmistrov40000-4000040.02
James Reimer300000000000.00
Dominic Moore50000-1000050.01

Reykjavik Riders

Nick Bonino123912080010329.43
Keith Yandle1211011441000520.020
Oliver Ekman-Larsson1201111460000110.034
Alex Pietrangelo1229110610001513.38
Sean Monahan1264100730201931.62
Filip Forsberg1252710700103016.717
Anders Lee114374600102814.322
Jakub Voracek123474510102910.310
Cameron Atkinson125272201012321.72
Artemi Panarin123472-100002015.07
Kyle Palmieri125276300102321.719
* Brayden Point124262000021921.17
Jason Demers12055260000100.022
Andrei Markov70444-1000020.09
Justin Faulk703341000050.012
Max Pacioretty121237-40000234.313
Cody Goloubef51124-10000333.310
Derek Stepan120222-50000130.02
Matthew Stajan1201120000050.011
Jaden Schwartz11010100001100.01
Ryan Miller1001100000000.00
Steve Mason300000000000.00
Brian Dumoulin50000-1000000.03

Goaltender Statistics

Boston Colonials

Martin Jones52304.17111016990.838
James Reimer3835.7802008400.800

Reykjavik Riders

Ryan Miller105812.796211272680.899
Steve Mason31553.1011108610.869


  • No image available!
    Bob Mayhugh - Riders in 7
  • Bryce Crittenden
    Bryce Crittenden - Riders in 5
  • No image available!
    Chris Baker - Colonials in 7
  • Corey Graham
    Corey Graham - Colonials in 6
  • Don Morrison
    Don Morrison - Riders in 6
  • Doug Karnes
    Doug Karnes - Colonials in 7
  • Dustin Nielson
    Dustin Nielson - Riders in 6
    Only true upset I'm predicting.
  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider - Colonials in 7
  • Gary Graves
    Gary Graves - Riders in 6
    Hate to go against my own team, but unless I find the secret solution to beat them, I will be toast. Special teams aren't so special :-(
  • Guy Flaming
    Guy Flaming - Riders in 7
    The Riders swept the season series and that's the biggest reason I have them winning this round. Boston and the Icelandians are mirror images to me; deep up front, average on the blueline with competent goaltending. I don't expect either to get past Round 2 but someone has to win Round 1.
  • Henry Skey
    Henry Skey - Riders in 6
  • Ian Constable
    Ian Constable - Riders in 6
  • Jeff Prozeller
    Jeff Prozeller - Riders in 6
    Riders might be the best roster in the league...if they can play like it the Colonials could be in for a long touh series.
  • Kasim Husain
    Kasim Husain - Riders in 6
    All Gary's trading buys the Colonials is a first-round date with the Riders, the team I expect plenty of prognosticators will pick for the upset. I'm not bucking that trend either, as I'm afraid Boston looks headed for another offseason of topsy-turviness after another playoff disappointment.
  • No image available!
    Kirk MacRae - Riders in 6
    Riders will play spoiler for a very strong Boston team. They (Riders) have been under performing all season
  • Mark MacRae
    Mark MacRae - Colonials in 4
    The season series suggests that the Riders should sweep this easily. And I can only hope this is so. Any team that Ryan Kesler plays on doesn't deserve to win anything.
  • Matt Burch
    Matt Burch - Riders in 6
    Just something about those Norsey/Scandinavian teams that keeps me from betting against them. Dunno what I would do if Tom and Sylvain ever met up in a series!
  • Matt MacInnis
    Matt MacInnis - Colonials in 5
  • Michael Oram
    Michael Oram - Riders in 5
  • Mike Franceschini
    Mike Franceschini - Riders in 6
    The sneaky good Riders are ready to announce their presence to the rest of the SICHL. Another under-achieving team in the regular season, they completely owned the Colonials, sweeping the season series.
  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie - Riders in 7
    Riders owned the Colonials this season. They will pull out the upset in 7.
  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher - Colonials in 7
    So weird that all four games of this season series was played in the course of two weeks. And during that two weeks, the Riders dominated and won all four games. But what now? There's a lot to like about the Riders' roster, especially that ridiculous defensive corps, but the Colonials' forward group is just as intimidating. Looks like this comes down to the netminders and I don't know if I'm a big fan of any of them. All that said, I'm going with Boston's offense to carry the day in a nail-biter series.
  • Sheetal Khera
    Sheetal Khera - Colonials in 7
    If Colonials can up their defence game they are good to get by the Riders.
  • No image available!
    Tom Baker - Colonials in 6
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