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2016-2017 Regular Season Team Stats

Whitehorse Huskies54-24-425-13-129-11-36-4-02.882.1415.087.38.329.424.9
Québec Canons45-28-926-11-119-17-89-0-12.892.8611.683.810.329.332.0

2016-2017 Regular Season Head-to-Head

DayAway TeamHome TeamResult
25 Whitehorse Huskies Québec Canons Québec Canons 2, Whitehorse Huskies 1
89 Whitehorse Huskies Québec Canons Whitehorse Huskies 3, Québec Canons 0
116 Québec Canons Whitehorse Huskies Québec Canons 2, Whitehorse Huskies 1

Player Statistics

Playoffs | Regular Season

Whitehorse Huskies

Victor Hedman133696510101816.711
Mikko Koivu135494110113116.19
Tyson Barrie13189041000214.82
Mika Zibanejad1353813020303414.716
Mark Stone13246200000454.414
Brendan Gallagher13246401000336.113
Michael Frolik133362100012512.010
Nazem Kadri13134801000166.330
Jordan Staal132241020010277.413
Karl Alzner13044102000060.022
Zach Parise13134811010362.821
Alexander Petrovic13044195000070.032
Drew Doughty1312313-31000283.620
Jori Lehtera133032100001323.12
Michael Stone130336-70000120.017
Brandon Sutter13112010000205.05
Brooks Laich1302261000050.010
Shawn Matthias1300041000050.06
* Martin Jones400000000000.00
* John Gibson1000000000000.00

Québec Canons

Leo Komarov63369100101421.426
Ryan Suter605500000040.01
Alex Galchenyuk6134210000166.31
Tyler Toffoli6224011001258.03
Dennis Seidenberg603380000060.015
Mattias Ekholm603321000040.09
Joffrey Lupul62024-10000633.32
Milan Michalek62020010101414.32
Eric Fehr60110-1000070.02
Darren Helm601120000080.08
Zemgus Girgensons60114-1000040.011
Clarke MacArthur6101000000137.712
Barret Jackman401100000000.01
Dustin Brown6101800000520.011
Mark Borowiecki61016-11000616.722
Jaroslav Halak100000000000.00
Ales Hemsky600000000080.06
Marek Zidlicky200060000000.07
Jared Cowen400061000050.07
Kevin Connauton20002-1000010.02
Brad Richards600000000060.01
Devan Dubnyk600000000000.00

Goaltender Statistics

Whitehorse Huskies

* John Gibson106062.385410242430.901
* Martin Jones42211.3621005700.929

Québec Canons

Devan Dubnyk63512.742310161630.902
Jaroslav Halak1252.4000001240.958


  • No image available!
    Bob Mayhugh - Huskies in 5
  • Bryce Crittenden
    Bryce Crittenden - Huskies in 6
  • Corey Graham
    Corey Graham - Canons in 6
  • Don Morrison
    Don Morrison - Huskies in 6
    This is a hole new team. Full of fast young players. We got to get to Dubynk , ex Huskie, to put them on their toes. 😊
  • Doug Karnes
    Doug Karnes - Huskies in 6
  • Dustin Nielson
    Dustin Nielson - Canons in 7
    Corey better win after I gave him Suter, Galchenyuk and Toffoli
  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider - Huskies in 6
    One of the deepest teams in the league versus the hottest team in the league. Could be a real barnburner. Canons enter the playoffs on a 10-game unbeaten streak and they'll win a couple on superior goaltending, but in the end, talent will out.
  • Gary Graves
    Gary Graves - Canons in 7
    I think the Cannons shoot the Huskies down in 7. The Dube will backstop the Canons to victory and Don will regret dealing Carey Price!
  • Guy Flaming
    Guy Flaming - Huskies in 7
    The Huskies are very good on the backend and have some forwards of note. Goaltending is average at best and not as good as either options for the Canons. I don't see enough weapons from Quebec though to take advantage of that one edge.
  • Henry Skey
    Henry Skey - Canons in 6
    Going with another upset here. Quebec finished the season red hot and Whitehorse doesn't have an experienced goalie. What they do have is everything else - depth for days and Don's a bit of a mad genius. So who knows?
  • Jeff Prozeller
    Jeff Prozeller - Huskies in 5
    Huskies are a solid team. I expect to see them in the conference finals
  • Kasim Husain
    Kasim Husain - Huskies in 6
    Still trying to wrap my head around the Huskies trading Price away, but there's a thought process there with John Gibson and Martin Jones forming a terrible twosome in net... eventually. Unfortunately for the Canons, they don't have the top guns on offence to exploit the green tandem in net for Whitehorse.
  • No image available!
    Kirk MacRae - Huskies in 5
  • Mark MacRae
    Mark MacRae - Huskies in 5
    The Huskies have the best goalie in the worl... wait, what? That really happened? I wasn't dreaming? Ok. Well still. I don't understand how the Canons are in the playoffs and the Express are not, so the Huskies will obviously win.
  • Matt Burch
    Matt Burch - Huskies in 7
    Might be the hardest series to predict because of how well the Canons played at the end, so I think this will go the distance.
  • Matt MacInnis
    Matt MacInnis - Huskies in 5
    Don's Huskies shouldn't have much of a problem getting through to the 2nd round.
  • Michael Oram
    Michael Oram - Canons in 7
    This will be a close series. Quebec pulled off some big moves and comes into the playoffs on a roll. They take this series.
  • Mike Franceschini
    Mike Franceschini - Canons in 7
    The Huskies: a team perpetually on the brink on superstardom, but handcuffed by a GM who has never pulled the trigger to go "all-in" on a Cup run. Case in point? Trading the best goalie in the league for a downgrade at the same position and a blue-chip prospect. While no one will dispute the value received in the trade, Don failed to improve his team for this year (i.e. a forward). Over in Quebec, Corey cashed Kopitar for some much needed depth at multiple positions, but now lacks the game breaker a playoff series requires. In a twist of irony, I predict that the Huskies are defeated by superior goaltending in a drawn out series.
  • Norm Donovan
    Norm Donovan - Huskies in 6
    Dubnyk will steal some, But Don's win shall be ALL CAPS, With many emojis.
  • No image available!
    Pat Booth - Huskies in 4
    Don trades away great players for good ones and somehow gets better. Therefore I don't think logic should apply in choosing a winner in this series
  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie - Huskies in 4
    John Gibson will lead the Huskies into second round easily.
  • No image available!
    Sam Myers - Huskies in 7
  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher - Canons in 6
    I think Whitehorse has the better overall team right now, but the goaltending matchup could be the equalizer.
  • Sheetal Khera
    Sheetal Khera - Huskies in 6
    Even without Price they managed to have a strong team I give the Canons a couple of wins but the Huskies have it going on this year
  • No image available!
    Tom Baker - Huskies in 6
    Gotta go with the dogs.
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